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This is a Call to get on Board of EUSEA!

As you all know, each EUSEA Annual Conference hosts a General Assembly, where all members meet to discuss the present and future of our association. The EUSEA General Assembly 2020 will be held online on 30 October 2020 from 13-15 pm.

This year, the meeting will offer special opportunities for all members to join our association in a responsible and active role: In October 2020 three positions in the EUSEA Board will be open to new candidates. In addition, a new EUSEA President will be elected since Markus Weißkopf has completed his designated time period. EUSEA Vice President Cissi Askwall will reapply as a Board member and has expressed her interest in becoming the next EUSEA President.

The EUSEA Board is responsible for developing and monitoring the strategy and activities of our association. The Board consists of 5 elected representatives plus the EUSEA Executive Director. The group usually meets three times a year in person (one meeting being part of the EUSEA Annual Conference), with 3-4 skype meetings in-between. Travel costs for Board meetings are covered by the association.

If you are interested in joining the Board or becoming the next EUSEA President, please send us your application by sending an email until 18 September to, answering the following questions (1-2 pages max):

  • Who am I, what is my role in my institution?
  • What are my experiences with Public Engagement?
  • Why am I interested in joining the EUSEA Board/becoming the next EUSEA President?
  • What are my ideas for the future of EUSEA?

For those of you who have already submitted their application for the earlier deadline in April (before we decided to move the EUSEA 2020 conference to October): You applications are still valid and will be taken into account!

We will share the applications with all EUSEA members prior to the General Assembly. All candidates will be invited to give a short statement to all members at the General Assembly, who will then vote to select the new Board members. Don’t forget to register for the conference and pre-conference via our website:

Looking forward to your contributions – see you all online in October!

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