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About the Platform!

Welcome to the European Science Engagement Platform!

The European Science Engagement Platform was established to serve public engagement professionals and to help them find inspiration, resources, methods, and tools for running participatory, dialogue-oriented science communication activities.

One of the biggest challenges when planning a science engagement event is finding the right format for your activities, according to your topic and your target audience.

Find here a range of possible activities, with practical examples to help you find the right way to present your event, together with toolkits and good reads, full of advice and tips on how to run your perfect Sci Comm event.

In the resources page your will also find links to many other platforms online which strive to provide science communication and public engagement practioners with resources to help faciliate event planning and public outreach.

These two EU projects formed the basis for the new European Science Engagement Platform:

NUCLEUS – New Understanding of Communication, Learning and Engagement in Scientific Institutions. From 2014 to 2019 the project fostered engaged research and innovation processes  across Europe, in China and South Africa.

SUSTAIN is an Erasmus+ project developing Citizen Science methodologies. The project will spark engagement and create new tools for teachers and students who study sustainable landscapes and bird migration.

The European Science Engagement Platform also thrived with the contribution of a number of engaged EUSEA members who have shared their experiences and ideas, as well as their public engagement wisdom with us.

A special thank you to Wissenschaft im Dialog and Vetenskap & Allmänhet for offering support and content.

Why did we create the EUSEA Science Engagement Platform?

To learn from one another!

The value of this platform comes from you! Our EUSEA network! A collection of researchers, festival organisers, public speakers from all across Europe, all with different experiences and expertise. The value of this platform come from you all and your contributions. You are the people who have conducted these events, seen them work first hand, who better to hear from?

It is our aim to create a sense of community, where ideas can be shared and workshoped to meet your needs. Through a process of continously updates, check-ins and online workshops and events, we will make sure that this platform is fit for purpose in the new normal we find ourselves in today.

Our pledges to you

  • The EUSEA Science Engagement Platform will serve Public Engagement professionals, across Europe and beyond. To provide inspiration, resources, methods and tools needed for running participatory, dialogue-oriented engagement activities in various institutional and national contexts.
  • As a continuous work in progress, this new platform will unite and showcase inspiring and innovative ways to engage different publics with science. With a particular focus on actively involving citizens and stakeholders in research and innovation processes.
  • The platform will have a clear European perspective while being open to engagement formats from other countries: “European but Open to the World” will be the motto of this platform.
  • The platform will relate to European values and the European Innovation Model, which is human-centric and focuses on both socio-economic and social innovation.
  • The platform will reference and link to strategic approaches to engagement such as the Quadruple Helix Model, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Open Innovation Framework, and the new concept of Mission-Oriented Research, which will be at the heart of HORIZON Europe.

What are you waiting for… go check out the platform!