Toolkits are the practical and hands-on side of EU funded projects. They are usually the result of the research, the experimentation and the trial and error of the projects. They are meant to be wide spread and to provide user-friendly methodologies, ideas and inspiration.

Together with these useful tools, we made a selection of documents and reports that we believe they are worth reading. They will give you insights about diverse topics, from hands-on guidelines to the current state of policy discussion in our fields.

YESTEM Equity Compass 

A tool for supporting socially just engagement practice


Inspiration and suggestions for different kinds of science communication activities.

PERFORM Toolkits

Detailed protocols of performance-based science education methods.


Series of activities to run and foster co-creation meetings and workshops.

DITOS Toolkit

Instructables to discover and have fun while doing scientific experiments.


Inspiration to develop policies and practices to engage citizens and third sector actors.

Advancing Earth and Space Sciences

Flowchart to engage with non-scientific audiences.

Public Engagement 2020 Toolkit

Practical and theoretical knowledge on public engagement with science.

Science Shops Practitioner Toolkit

Practitioner’s roadmap and methodology.


An array of hands-on activities, translated into 12 European languages, will allow you to integrate a gender perspective and tackle the unconscious bias that we usually face when talking and performing sciences.


Gender in Design Toolkit

Practices and products that integrate gender in to design.

Science in Dialogue

A rich platform with formats and methodologies are presented here, in a user-friendly way. In German only, but we are translating some of them into English for our platform.

MSP Guide

This portal is part of a platform from the Centre for Development Innovation, part of Wageningen University and Research Centre. The purpose of the platform is to enable practitioners to collaborate and share knowledge, experiences and strategies.

Good Reads

Policy brief on Science Communication
Public engagement, a practical-guide
Mapping the value chain
Mission Space Explorern
Mission Oriented Research Innovation In The European Union
Nesta playbook for innovation learning
Science museum group engaging all audiences with science
Scientists as storytellers
Social innovation trigger for transformations
The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor
The multistakeholder partnerships guide