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The EUSEA Science Engagement Menu

Bringing Science Communication and Public Engagement to the Table!

All of us at EUSEA love any opportunity to have dinner with friends, a chance to “stew over” current news, current opportunities and issues facing science communication and public engagement. But either due to geography or time constraints – opportunities to meet up in person do not happen often enough in our opinion.
So the team at EUSEA “baked” up the idea of a tasty EUSEA Science Engagement Menu. A selection of mouthwatering online events where EUSEA members and non-members alike can “stir the pot” about a variety of topics and share our experiences together.
You are all invited to add your spices to the dishes, and we hope that we have “whetted your appetite” for our next event, something to really “sink your teeth” into!

See our specials board below:

EUSEA Bistro

Pop into the EUSEA bistro for a quick bite to eat. These are hour-long get-togethers where we chat about a single topic and a single contributor will dish out advice and expertise. Following the main course, we can clear our pallets with a friendly discussion, where you can leave a “tip” before heading back to work, attending to anything you left on the “back burner!”.

EUSEA Hotpots

A Hot Pot is a co-creative experience in which a dish is cooked collectively by all guests joining in. Sitting together around a large table, everybody adds a selection of ingredients to a simmering boil of soup. The meal gets tastier with every additional input, and in the end, all guests can enjoy a spicy, delicious treat.

Ingredients for the EUSEA Hot Pot will come from our members who will bring in their expertise on a defined topic. The idea is to offer 90-minute get-togethers in which we will have 3-4 first ingredients (short 5-min inputs).  After which, we all then have a chance to add our spices or flavour, stir the pot of new ideas around and taste what we have created together. The Hot Pot will always take place over lunchtime, so feel free to bring your own food along!

Previous hotpots have covered:

What makes for effective sci comm training?”

Online co-creation, remote collaboration, and the future of science festivals


Trust in Science in Times of Corona

EUSEA Tapas Bar- Coming Soon

The EUSEA Tapas Bar will provide a short introduction into two related event types, presented by practitioners who have tried and tested these activities. Colleagues will share their experiences, as well as their highs and lows when conducting these formats. Following this there will be an opportunity for guests to share their thoughts and perhaps develop their own ideas for a future engagement activity.

The EUSEA Tapas Bars are aimed to be bite sized taster sessions and will last for 1 hour only (with a little bit of wiggle room and with the hope that budding ideas and relationships continue to grow after the event). But we need to know what sorts of activities you are interested in tasting? So below are a few options, as well as a chance to add your own, or perhaps have a look through our Science Engagement Platform to get your mouth watering and those creative juices flowing.