#EUSEA2021 More Than a Conference

#EUSEA2021 More Than a Conference2021-12-01T13:32:00+01:00

Welcome to #EUSEA2021 !

See You All Online for a Joyful Celebration
of EUSEA’s 20th Birthday!

We are thrilled, happy and excited to announce this year’s European Science Engagement Conference! On 7 December we will celebrate EUSEA’s 20th Birthday! So we decided to make the next EUSEA Conference a little special. Since 2021 is not a normal year – why have a “normal” conference?

Why not try out something new? You are all invited to…


No conference fee this time – but… we’d love to welcome anyone involved in science engagement to join us, and bring along a “birthday present” – maybe a video, poem, favourite science joke or live experiment or other mind-blowing idea! This can be your way of celebrating our community and the work we all do, and make EUSEA’s 20th birthday a moment to socialise, share and reflect on what we’d like to see happen in the next 20 years of science communication and public engagement! It really is up to you!

We would love to share your enthusiasm and creativity with all our EUSEA members, and presents will be shown at the party, and on our social media channels!

We are taking our anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate where we have come from, and what we hope to become! Meet our founding mothers and fathers, enjoy panels with past and present presidents. We will be joined by excellent keynotes and by “special guests” from the global community of Public Engagement professionals.

But it wouldn’t be a party without all of you! So let’s invite friends and colleagues to exchange visions of the future in a fabulous interactive online meeting. Let’s co-create ideas for a “new normal” in public engagement beyond Covid! Perhaps even a “better normal”?

Let’s enjoy a feeling of togetherness – and an unforgettable virtual EUSEA BIRTHDAY PARTY – online, but with shared cocktails, cakes and decorations, plus a mind-blowing and fun program!

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Find the detailed program below:

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