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A joint Hotpot co-hosted by Berlin School, NHL, Intersections, NHC, and EUSEA

Date: March 29, 2023

Time: 13:00-14:30 (CET)

What’s on the menu?

Citizen Science is an increasingly popular approach to scientific research that involves collaboration between professional scientists, societal actors, and the public.

One of the challenges of Citizen Science is balancing the need for accurate and reliable data with the desire to engage and involve as many people as possible in the research process.

This co-organised Hot Pot will feature a panel of experts in Citizen Science who will discuss their experiences and perspectives on how to balance data quality with community engagement in Citizen Science projects. The panelists will cover topics such as the importance of community engagement in Citizen Science, the challenges of ensuring data accuracy and reliability, and strategies for achieving a balance between these two goals.

The event will include time for audience questions and discussion, providing an opportunity for attendees to share their own experiences and insights

Who’s in the Kitchen?

Stu Payton, Senior Programmes Manager, Natural History Consortium

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Stu Payton is based in Bristol, UK. He joined the Natural History Consortium team in 2017 to support with the national BioBlitz network. He has been involved with the West of England’s City Nature Challenge efforts since 2019, and is most interested in citizen science projects liks BioBlitz being used as a “gateway” to inspire further interest in science and biological recording.

Miguel Hernández, Circular Economy and Odor Specialist, Science For Change

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Miguel is a chemist and environmental engineer specialized in citizen science projects on environmental and biodiversity monitoring. He has been working in the field of odour pollution monitoring for 2 years in the project OdourCollect. He also participates in European research projects  HOOP and Cos4Cloud , and as project manager of the ANERIS project.

Silke Voigt-Heucke, Head of Citizen Science division, Museum für Naturkunde

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Silke Voigt-Heucke is a biologist and head of the Citizen Science Unit at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN). Before joining MfN to conduct research with and on citizen science (CS), Silke worked in both academic research institutions and a nature conservation organisation. Silke is the scientific lead of the German citizen science platform “Bürger schaffen Wissen” and the CS competition “Auf die Plätze! Citizen Science in deiner Stadt”. The Citizen Science Unit is an important partner in various consortia such as “Wassernetz Berlin”, “Pollinator Pathmaker” and, the EU-funded project “European Citizen Science”, where MfN is developing policy recommendations together with the European CS community. We are currently developing a Citizen Science Centre around the themes of conservation, sustainability, and digital innovation at MfN.

What can you bring to the table?

If you are part of a citizen science initiative, or would just like to learn more about citizen science and the different views of how these practices can be utilised to, this is the event for you!

We look forward to hearing about your experiences or any questions you may have on this topic, and adding your contribution to our hot pot of ideas.

Would you like to book your spot at the table?

Please fill in the registration form, and join us for some food for thought.

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