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SUSTAIN is a new project in which our network is involved: EUSEA is part of a successful consortium that was just awarded a EUR 449,900 grant by Erasmus+, the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. SUSTAIN will be coordinated by Science LinX, the science centre of the University of Groningen. SUSTAIN aims to engage pupils and their families in research projects – what is known as citizen science – on bird migration and water management. A consortium of 12 partners will develop e-learning modules on ‘sustainable landscapes’ and research in Spain, Cyprus and the Netherlands, linking learning inside and outside the classroom. Our role as communications coordinator is key for a good dissemination of the steps and results of such an engaging project.

We are currently working on the website development, so stay tuned with the news. The modules developed by SUSTAIN will be a contribution to our ecological literacy and our involvement in interactive and innovative ways in the creation of more sustainable landscapes for Europe!

Full list of participants:

University of Groningen, Provincie Frysland, RSG De Borgen, Piter Jelles Leeuwarder Lyceum, Universitat de Valencia – Polibienestar, Universitat Politechnica de Valencia, CIPFP Misericordia, IES EL Saler, University of Nicosia, the Heritage Private School, Forum Private Greek School and EUSEA.

Prof. Theunis Piersma with a red knot in a Frisian meadow

Prof. Theunis Piersma with a red knot in a Frisian meadow

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