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To celebrate our community and emphasise our multiple identities, EUSEA invites all members to contribute to a colourful photo competition prior to the conference in Tbilisi! Showcasing the creativity of EUSEA members across and beyond Europe, #PICEUSEA will raise awareness about science engagement and compile a picture-pool for professional science engagers.


Challenge your creativity by capturing the dynamic concept of our “EUSEA Identity” in a single frame! Science Engagement across and beyond Europe has many facets and even more faces: From meetings with engaged citizens to interactive experiments with children or students, from inspiring moments of discovery with families to joint activities with stakeholders: EUSEA activities convey the excitement people have when engaging with research. Your photo should tell a story, evoking curiosity and the joy of exploring the wonders of the world. Dive into the challenge and showcase the diverse ways science can engage and inspire people from all generations and backgrounds!

Photo credit: Reimar Ott


All photos selected by a jury will be collected and presented on EUSEA`s website, available for shared use by all members. The jury will vote for the best 10 of all eligible submitted photos.

All EUSEA members will vote at the conference to select 3 photos out of these 10 for Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The winners will be announced at the EUSEA Conference 2024 in Tbilisi!


Every EUSEA member can submit a maximum of 3 photographs. Only photographs submitted by an EUSEA member (individual or institutional) are eligible for this competition.  The submitting members need to confirm that they have the correct copyrights and that all photographed persons have given their permission for publication.

Photos, Information and Confirmation:

Every participating #PICEUSEA photo must be uploaded via this link:

With a maximum size of 5 MB containing the following data:

  • Date and event of capture (city/region, country)
  • A title (maximum 50 characters) and a short text (max. 500 characters)
  • Confirming the photographer`s copyright
  • Confirming that the persons in the photo have given their consent for publication.

Photo Credit: Reimar Ott

Judging criteria:

Before the jury convenes, the EUSEA Office will check the formal correctness of the applications and will forward the results to the jury. The main criteria for the judges are:

  • adherence to the theme,
  • purpose and overall impact,
  • creativity and novelty,
  • interesting story.


  • 2024-02-09: #PICEUSEA All photos must be submitted via the provided link.
  • 2024-03-31: End of submissions.
  • 2024-04-13: Jury votes for the best 10 photos among all eligible submitted photos and announces these 10.
  • 2024-05-15: All conference participants give points to vote for the best 3 photos.
  • 2024-05-16: Announcement of the final 3 winners at the EUSEA conference


All winning #PICEUSEA photos and their texts will be uploaded onto the EUSEA Website.

They will be promoted via social media channels.

All EUSEA members can show all winning photographs (obligatory: title, short stories and names of the photographers) in their promotional activities on- or off-line.


The EUSEA Board nominates 5 judges: The Jury will rate all eligibly submitted photos and announce the best 10 photos as “Outstanding”.

Next step: These 10 photos will be rated by all members to select the best 3 photos – for exhibition e.g. in a video or slide show at the conference place nominated as the “Awarded Winners of the # PICEUSEA” with Gold, Silver and Bronze.


Winners will receive recognition and a mystery prize from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Happy snapping, we cannot wait to see your photos!

Image by pch.vector on Freepik