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The EUSEA Annual Conference 2024 is just around the corner, featuring a crucial event — the EUSEA General Assembly 2024, scheduled as a Hybrid event on 16 May 2024 from 16:00 to 18:00 GET (GMT+4).

This year presents a unique opportunity for you to play a responsible and impactful role within our association. In May 2024, three positions on the EUSEA Board will be open for elections, and a new EUSEA President will be elected as Cissi Askwall will conclude her term.

The EUSEA Board holds a key responsibility for shaping and overseeing our association’s strategy and activities. Comprising five elected representatives plus the EUSEA Executive Director, the EUSEA Board typically meets four to five times a year, including one physical meeting at the EUSEA Annual Conference and one physical meeting in January to select the programme for our Annual Conference. EUSEA covers travel and accommodation costs for Board members.

If you are passionate about contributing to the future of EUSEA by joining the Board, or if you are aspiring to become the next EUSEA President, please send us your application by email to before 25 March. Your application should address these questions (a total of 1-2 pages max):

  • Who am I, and what is my work role?
  • What are my experiences with Public Engagement?
  • Why am I interested in joining the EUSEA Board / becoming the next EUSEA President?
  • What are my ideas for the future of EUSEA?

EUSEA Vice President Kenneth Skeldon and EUSEA Board Member and Treasurer Rony Ben Chaim have expressed their interest in applying for the role of the next EUSEA President or a continuation of their Board membership.

Board member Edward Duca is also willing to be re-elected. Andrea Brunello’s term will continue since he was elected as a new Board member at the General Assembly in Bolzano last year. This means that there is at least one extra position which needs to be filled by a new candidate.

We will share all applications with EUSEA members ahead of the General Assembly 2024. Each candidate will be given the opportunity to give a brief statement during the General Assembly, where members will then vote to elect the new President and Board members. 

We eagerly await your active participation and look forward to your applications!