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EUSEA president Cissi Askwall is chairing a new Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE), focusing on Public Engagement in Research & Innovation (R&I). MLEs are part of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme and aim to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange and policy development among European countries.

“This resonates well with EUSEA’s commitment to advance public engagement and to contribute to more inclusive, impactful and responsible R&I processes”

says Cissi Askwall.

The MLE kicked off in January 2024 and will run until early 2025. Eight participating countries: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, and Sweden, will exchange success stories, experiences, and challenges to promote public participation in R&I.

Foreseen results include policy recommendations, a strengthened European public engagement community, and insights for co-creating future EU Research Framework Programmes.

Scope, Topics and Methodology

The MLE will cover diverse dimensions of public engagement in R&I, including co-design, co-creation, co-assessment, and activities related to innovation deployment. Four thematic meetings will focus on an Introductory overview of public engagement, Exploration of successes and challenges, Analysis of framework conditions, and Public engagement in the European Research Area (ERA).

Each meeting will result in a thematic report and make use of previously written discussion papers. In addition, a final report with conclusions and suggestions will be produced and presented at an event in the spring of 2025.

The participating countries, four independent experts, and European Commission services will work together, adopting a “learning by doing” approach, which includes visits to interesting locations and initiatives.

“I look forward to involving EUSEA members in the process, both to incorporate experiences and best practices from the membership, and to share insights and results of the exercise,”

concludes Cissi Askwall.

The developments of the MLE on Public Engagement in R&I can be followed at!dXcY4X