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Webinar – Breaking Stereotypes:
Why is Gender Representation important for Science Communication?

Save the date! 22nd January, 16:00 CET!

Mentoring, role models, networking and gender-inclusive programmes, are all measures that have been put in practice to foster and support the presence, inclusion and career development of women in science and technology. For the last 20 years, milestones have been achieved regarding women in science, gender equality, gender biases, and lately, gendered innovation. But, what do we communicate when we communicate science? How do we do it and where? Whom are we addressing? Isn’t the system both the reason for and consequence of inequities? How do we communicate this and moreover, what can science communication do to tackle these deficiencies and encourage inclusion for the greater good? How can we communicate this in such a way that we guarantee that future scientists are the solution?

In a social endeavour as science, regarded as based on merits, competences and creativity, it is imperative to reflect, talk and take action in order to tackle equality distortions and injustice. The way we communicate science plays a key role in this. Join us in this conversation, with amazing invitees that will enrich your views and inspire to be active, aware and go beyond.


  1. To contribute to very much needed conversations about gender inclusion and equity in the communication of science;
  2. To foster awareness about the cross-cutting gender issue in scientific contexts.


  1. Wendy Sadler: Role models: for the better and for the worst? How do we influence “the influencers”?
  2. Constanza Rojas-Molina, mathematician and illustrator: Representation of women, common places and how to escape from them.
  3. Carolina Doran: Reproduction of inequities in the scientific field, and the way we can stop perpetuating this.
  4. Peter Broks, It doesn’t have to be this way: history, boundaries and a new perspective.

Moderator: Jen DeWitt

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