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A new, engaged partner in Austria will enrich the Eusea community from now on: Let’s welcome “Junge Uni Innsbruck”!

The “Junge Uni Innsbruck” – Science, Technology and Humanities for children and young people is an initiative of the University of Innsbruck. JUI strives to raise the interest and motivation of children and young people between 6 and 18 years in science and technology, to develop and administrate science communication activities and to work together with other institutions in the field of science communication. The activities of the JUI are visited by more than 10.000 visitors every year. More than 400 scientists, technicians and students of the university cooperate with the JUI.

The “Junge Uni Innsbruck” was started in 2001 as one of the first children´s universities in the German speaking countries and the first children university in Austria. JUI works together with more than 40 local, regional and international partners. Based on substantial experience JUI has developed a wide range of different programs specialised on several target groups: a) Festival of Science (“Young University Action Days/ Aktionstage der Jungen Uni” , European Researchers Night, Lange Nacht der Forschung) – yearly events organized from 2001 on for children, teenagers, but also for families. b) Kinder-Sommer-Uni: Science-programs for children during the summer-holidays with “young-researcher-diploma”, c) Uni Camp – UC11, UC12, UC13 Science Camp for young people (16-10 Years) – a week of science with scientists in the fields of Astronomy, Applied Computing, Architecture and Biology c) Science program for children with migration background in cooperation with the “Flüchtlingsheim Trappschlüssel – FlüKiPro, d) Junge Uni on tour – outreach programs e) Project activities – BiPolar, TriPolar, Cave.Life, Cover.up (Project of sensitisation for cold environments), SoMoSt – Sun, Moon and Stars – all Sparkling Science Projects, e) Youth into Science – Scientific week for young people (15-19 years) at the university research station in Obergurgl, Ötztal, f) Young researchers are wanted! Science contest for young people from 16 years on from Tyrol, Southtyrol, Trentino and Graubünden (Switzerland), g) Project days in schools

JUI is a member and participant of the Mentoring Partnerships programme of the European Network of Children´s Universities – (EUCU.NET, – initiated and coordinated by the Kinderbüro Universität Wien (KUW) under FP7, Science in Society (2008‐2010). From 2010-2014 JUI was project partner in the EU-Project “SIS Catalyst – Children as Change Agents for Science in Society” under FP7 managed by the University of Liverpool (Project Number: 266634, Coordination and support action, PIC: 9998691114, see JUI was awarded the Sparkling Science Award of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research in 2008 and 2009, the IMST-Award 2009 of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture and the Arthur-Haidl-Preis 2009 of the city of Innsbruck.”

Contact: Dr. Silvia Prock: Educationalist and Biologist (PhD). Managing director of JUI; initiator and project leader of “Junge Uni Innsbruck” (“Young University of Innsbruck); member of the press office;

Florian Westreicher: project assistant


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