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In January 2017 Andrea Troncoso will join the Eusea communty as the new Project Officer for the HORIZON 2020 project NUCLEUS. She will be responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of 20 mobile “NUCLEI” across Europe, actively involving a number of Eusea members.

Andrea Troncoso is an enthusiastic and experienced project manager, specialised in the areas of science communication and public engagement. Since 2001 she has been actively contributing in building bridges between scientists and different stakeholders, first as Community Manager for a biological station in the temperate rainforests of southern Chile, then at a national level at the Chilean Ministry of Education and lately as a EU Project Manager at Ecsite, in Brussels. Her background in Forestry Studies and International Human Development let her always contribute with original ideas that tend to integrate what at first sight seem difficult to bring together. She is passionate for visual arts too and has a special talent to create playful educational materials.

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