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FameLab, in need of refreshment?


On September 8th 2021, we had the privilege of having FameLab co-host one of our hotpot events, Refreshing FameLab. We were joined by FameLab and Education Manager, Elspeth Kenny and organisers from three other international FameLab events who discussed the different approaches to the FameLab event, and the benefits and challenges each of these organisations have faced:

Leonardo Alfonsi– (Psiquadro)- FameLab Italy.

Sissy-Christin Lorenz (Bielefeld Marketing)- FameLab Germany.

Robert Inglis (Jive Media Africa) and Joanne Riley (SAASTA)- FameLab South Africa.

We were very lucky to have thirty-seven attendees at this hotpot, and following the presentations from FameLab, there was an opportunity for our audience to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the future of the FameLab format, following the withdrawal of key partners from Cheltenham Science Festivals. The key talking points covered included:

  • What aspects of FameLab should be kept?
  • What aspects of FameLab should be changed/refreshed?
  • What could be added to the programme?
  • What funding opportunities are available?
  • How can the benefits of the international aspect of FameLab be maximised?
  • How can we broaden and increase audiences?
  • Any other thoughts/comments?

These ideas were collated on a interactive Mural page, which can be found here, and will be used to help shape FameLab into a format which is fit for the new challanges facing sci commers and researchers, in this “new normal”.

Keep an eye out for our next HotPot event, we can’t wait to host you all!

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