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On May 31, 2017, at the General Assembly in Leuven, a vast majority of Eusea decided to accept the suggestion of the Eusea Board, to change the name of our organisation: Founded as the “European Science Events Association” Eusea is now the “European Science Engagement Association”! The Eusea Board introduced the idea for a name change to all members with the following statement:

“We consider this change relevant for the future development of Eusea´s mission, since it reflects how we envision our current and future work. Eusea was “born” in 2001 as a European network for science festival organizers, and we have quickly developed into an international knowledge-sharing platform and accelerator of innovation in the fields of science communication and public engagement. Our scope and field of action has expanded enourmosly and the meaning of engagement represents much closer what each of the about about 100 members are doing and performing in their respective countries. Our members range from science festival organizers to universities, municipalities, national networks, NGOs, foundations, science centers or cultural institutions such as museums! To make justice to all the array of actions and activities our network is developing Europa-wide and beyond, we think that EUSEA, the European Science Engagement Association will suit us much better and will broaden the way we present ourselves to the society.”

The members approved this new development with a majority of about 90 %!

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