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Collaborations beyond Europe

Eusea representatives will actively participate in the “Beijing International Science Festival Roundtable Conference” 15 to 19 September 2016. This conference unites science festival organisers from all over the world during the annual Beijing International Science Festival. Being one of the largest science events in China, this festival invites thousands of visitors of the larger Beijing area to celebrate science as a driver and catalyst of innovation. For more than ten years, Eusea is collaborating with the organising Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST). BAST delegations have joined the Eusea annual conferences several times and presented their festival during the annual conference in Tartu 2015. This year in Beijing, Eusea is represented by board member Enrico Balli and director Annette Klinkert. Other Eusea members will join the festival with special programmes – we will keep you updated! Find out more about the conference and the Beijing Science Festival here:

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