EUSEA Conference 2020 in Cork: Shaping the Future of Science Engagement

The annual European Science Engagement Conference, which shapes the future of science communication in Europe, takes place from 15-17 April 2020 in Cork, Ireland. The collaborative event provides advice and tools for science communications and public engagement professionals to become better communicators, so they can align their work and research better with the values, needs and expectations of society.  The conference reflects and discusses relevant topics, funding programs and innovative ways to help engage science with society, in addition to offering fantastic networking opportunities. More than 150 science engagement professionals from 15 countries are expected to attend this year’s Conference, which will focus on the theme of “Conducting Public Engagement in Times of Dissonance”. Keynotes will be given by Dr. Niall Smith, Head of Research at CIT and Head of CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, on Art and Astronomy; Margie McCarthy, Head of Education and Engagement at SFI, on Why Expertise and Impact is Important for Science Communications; and Prof. Dietram Scheufele, Wisconsin-Madison, USA on how Dissonance can be good – Why our new inability to disagree makes engagement so difficult.

Other interesting talks include the Uptake of Careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths), Educational Robotics, and Celebrity Science.  In total, the interactive, dialogue-oriented event will present 41 sessions with 48 speakers. On 15 April, 4 pre-conference sessions will offer in-depth training opportunities at Cork’s Nano Nagle Place, a centre linking education, heritage, community inclusion and the future, having been a heritage building since the 19th century educating impoverished girls. After this, conference participants will be invited to attend the FameLab Ireland 2020 National Final, the world’s leading science communication competition. That evening, delegates will be welcomed at a relaxing social event at CIT’s stunning Blackrock Castle Observatory in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland.

The main conference will take place on 16 and 17 April and is supported by Science Foundation Ireland. Commenting, Dr. Niall Smith said, “As scientists, we owe it to the world to do a better job communicating science, its unique capacity to provide solutions to problems that previously seemed insurmountable, and the excitement of incredible discoveries being made right now that fundamentally change our view of our cosmos and ourselves. The EUSEA Conference is a fantastic platform that will help us all to become better communicators and to inspire future generations to appreciate the potential for good that comes with understanding how the Universe we live in works.  We are very proud to host this prestigious event in Cork this year.”

The EUSEA Conference, which is organised by the European Science Engagement Association, will be held at Cork Institute of Technology’s renowned Cork School of Music, in association with Cork Institute of Technology’s and CIT’s Blackrock Castle Observatory.

Conference registration is now open with information and the conference program available under

For further information contact Elizabeth Carroll-Twomey, CIT LOC Coordinator, +353 21 4335303, Clair McSweeney, BCO Centre Manager +353 21 4326124 or Dr. Annette Klinkert, Executive Director EUSEA, +49 151 2300 6370.