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European Researcher’s Night. What is it? How do you run one? How do you take part in one? What can we learn from each other?


What barriers or difficulties do you regularly face when participating in, or coordinating a festival event? How can we help each other overcome our own barriers?


European Science Engagement Association, EUSEA, is partnering with INTERSECTIONS, to help you produce a new kind of European Researcher’s Night event. In this networking and barrier-busting bitesized session, coordinators and contributors to European Researcher’s Night (ERN) and beyond can gather to interact, learn, and collaborate in their deliveries of research festivals across Europe.

At our first Bitesized event we will be bringing together a panel of seasoned ERN coordinators to discuss all aspects of running a sucessful festival, from the behind-the-scenes preparation and marketing, to the big event itself. The floor will then be opened to you all, so if you have a specific question, we will try our hardest to give you an answer (or at least how we would approach the issue). This will be followed by a chance for us all mingle, as well all use to use our collective experience to crowd-source the problems, and some potential solutions to the problems we may face organising events in the future.

INTERSECTIONS is an international delivery of ERN, showcasing the international, intersectional, interdisciplinary and interrelated nature of research across Europe in a series of audience-focussed and interactive online and in-person events. This edition of European Researcher’s Night, independent of other NIGHTs, will provide a platform on which researchers and publics across Europe can participate, and co-ordinators can interact and network.

Join us on Tuesday 29 June (12:00 – 13:30 BST) and take a bite out of the stress of event planning.

Click here to register.

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