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Join us on September 28th for this joint event with Falling Walls Engage.

Date: September 28 2022

Time: 13:00-14:30 (CEST)

What’s on the menu?

Pull up a chair and join us for a special lunchtime talk and come and stir the pot a little!

This time we are joined in the kitchen by our friends from Falling Walls Engage to bring you a discussion on how film and the arts can be used to enhance public engagement.

As a community, we are always looking for ways to recontextualise how we communicate science to the public, and the arts and film are fantastic ways to open up your imagination and recontextualise science communication.

So in this extra special hotpot, the EUSEA and Falling Walls Engage community are inviting some innovative projects to share their creative process and how they have used science and art to engage with their audiences in new ways!

Whose in the Kitchen?

We have sourced only the finest ingredients for this hotpot from the EUSEA and Falling Walls Engage communities.

Featuring contributions from:

Stéphane Kenmoe

Stéphane Kenmoe is a habilitation candidate at the Faculty of Chemistry at University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, and a Falling Walls Engage Winner 2021. He is also a science popularizer on TV and on social media, a science writer and novelist. In 2020 he produced the movie ‘’Science in the City’’ (Science dans la Cité) in Cameroon. He is very active in networking for the promotion of early career African scientists and for connecting science and society. He has won many awards for his engagement, among which the 2020 Diversity Prize for Academic Leadership at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Laure Régine Ngo Nlondok

Laure Régine Ngo Nlondok is a Cameroonian actress. She has played in several Cameroonian and pan-African films and series alongside comic icons such as the Ivorian Gohou Michel in the series “Deep Torment”, for example. In early 2020, she acted in the series “Science Dans La Cité” produced by Stéphane Kenmoe. She later advocated for science in the context of promotional activities throughout Africa of the series and the project Making Science the Star (MS2), of which the series is the first realization. It is within this framework that in November 2020 she presented the MS2 project during a public conference on the theme Cinema as a channel for the dissemination of science at the CIPMA-UNESCO chair in Cotonou. In December 2020, she has also been invited to speak at the African Institute of Mathematics (AIMS) in Limbé, Cameroon, on the theme: “How to Connect Science and Society”.

Andrea Brunello

Independent researcher, playwright, director and actor, Andrea Brunello works at the boundary between theatre and science. He teaches science storytelling theory and practice at the University of Trento and the University of Bologna (Italy). Andrea is the founder and director of the Portland Theatre of Trento and of the Arditodesìo Company. Since 2012, he also curates and directs the Jet Propulsion Theatre, an Arditodesìo project that brings theatre and science together, carried out in coordination with the Laboratory for the Communication of the Physical Sciences of the University of Trento. Andrea has attended courses in acting and dramaturgy. He is a graduate of the three year program “SAT – SCHOOL AFTER THEATRE advanced training program” led by the Russian director and pedagogue Jurij Alschitz and affiliated with the EATC/Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) of Moscow (Russia). On the scientific side, Andrea obtained a degree in physics and mathematics at Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Physics at Stony Brook University (New York). Andrea is also a graduate of the University of Trento (Italy) Master in Communication of Science and Innovation.

Elke Hemminger

Dr. phil. Elke Hemminger is a professor for sociology with a focus on science theory, empirical research methods and media and technology studies at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Bochum, Germany. Her research and teaching interests include education in digital spaces, social network analysis, science communication and innovative concepts of tertiary education. She has a special passion for digital gaming and storytelling.

Kartik Sharma

Kartik Sharma has majored in Filmmaking and Health humanities from University College London (UCL). He has founded a social enterprise Public Arts Health & Us (PAHUS) which works with organisations and universities translating research into engaging arts & film pieces. PAHUS was recently awarded “The Best Social Enterprise Award 2022”  by Santander Bank. Kartik is a member of the Engage community.

Moderated by

Chris Styles- EUSEA

Milena Salci – Falling Walls Engage

What can you bring to the table?

If you would like to learn more about how you can incorporate the arts and film into your public engagement this is the event for you!

We would also like to invite coordinators from other related projects and hear about your approaches. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to share ideas and create new collaborations for future events and out reach activities.

Would you like to book your spot at the table?

So join us on the 28th of September for the next EUSEA hotpot- Empowering Communities through Films & Arts,  and add a little pinch of what you think.

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