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European Science Engagement Association

About the European Science Engagement Association

EUSEA is an organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing public engagement with science and technology across Europe and beyond.

We bring together science communicators, researchers, educators and individuals who share a passion for fostering dialogue and collaboration between scientists and the public, and give them a place to share ideas, and learn from one another.

The European Science Engagement Platform

The EUSEA Science Engagement Platform was established to serve public engagement professionals and to help them find inspiration, resources, methods, and tools for running participatory, dialogue-oriented science communication activities.

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EUSEA welcomes new members from all fields of public engagement across Europe!

The Value of Identity

Public Engagement Beyond Boundaries

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We are delighted to announce that Ilia State University, located in the vibrant and ancient city of Tbilisi, will be hosting the Annual Conference of the European Science Engagement Association (EUSEA) in 2024


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