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The European Science Engagement Association (EUSEA) is thrilled to announce its newly elected Board, ushering in a fresh wave of leadership and expertise to drive its mission of enhancing public engagement with science across Europe. The new Board is dedicated to lead EUSEA in an exciting direction, emphasizing innovative science communication, increased public engagement, and stronger international collaborations across and beyond Europe. Kenneth Skeldon’s leadership, supported by Vice President Rony Ben-Chaim and new Board members Maria Hagardt and David Price, alongside Andrea Brunello and EUSEA Director Annette Klinkert promises a dynamic and impactful era for the organization.

New President: Kenneth Skeldon

Kenneth Skeldon has been elected by the General Assembly in Tbilisi, Georgia, as EUSEA’s new President. Ken is currently based at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK, where he leads on Research Engagement. Ken’s career in science communication extends back some 25 years, spanning leaderships roles in Universities, Science Centres, Festivals and the charitable research sector. Ken has long-standing enthusiasm for cross-border collaboration, having been part of several European projects over the years and currently coordinates Glasgow’s Open Lab programme for the CIVIS European University Alliance. His contributions to science engagement were recognized with an MBE in the UK 2012 honours system. As incoming President, he is looking forward to working with the new Board, Executive Office and EUSEA membership to position EUSEA as a proactive expert voice and in Europe’s fast evolving public engagement with science landscape.

New Vice President: Rony Ben-Chaim

Rony Ben-Chaim, Director at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, Israel, has been elected as EUSEA Vice President. Rony brings a rich background in managing large-scale science communication projects and fostering community dialogue through science education. Her expertise in operations and project management will be invaluable as EUSEA continues to expand its initiatives across Europe and beyond.

New Treasurer: Maria Hagardt

Maria Hagardt, the International Relations and Communications Manager at Vetenskap & Allmänhet (VA, Public & Science) in Sweden, has been appointed Treasurer. Maria is known for her role in bridging the gap between science and society through various EU projects, including GENDERACTIONplus and ORION Open Science. Her experience in managing international science communication efforts and her influence on EU science policy will ensure robust financial stewardship and strategic growth for EUSEA in the years to come.

New Board Members: Maria Hagardt and David Price

Joining the Board alongside Maria Hagardt is David Price, Business Development Manager at Science Made Simple. David has over 26 years of experience in science communication, engaging diverse audiences through innovative and interactive methods. His global perspective and expertise in STEM communication will be a tremendous asset to the Board.

David has worked on Horizon 2020 projects such as Perform and Our Space Our Future and has a specialism in using street theatre techniques to engage with transient audiences anywhere.

Continuing Board Member: Andrea Brunello

Andrea Brunello, an esteemed researcher, playwright, and science communicator from Italy, continues to serve on the Board. Andrea’s unique approach of integrating theatre with science communication enriches EUSEA’s diverse portfolio of engagement strategies.

EUSEA extends its gratitude to outgoing Board member Edward Duca for his professional support and personal dedication over the past four years.

We send very best wishes to our past President and Board member, Cissi Askwall, following her many years of enthusiastic and committed service to EUSEA.

Both Cissi and Ed will remain close and valued members of our EUSEA family, and we look forward to many future interactions.