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A new, delicious Meetup for the EUSEA Community: The EUSEA Hot Pot!

A Hot Pot is a co-creative experience in which a dish is cooked collectively by all guests joining in. Sitting togther around a large table, everybody adds a selection of ingredients into to a simmering boil of soup. The meal gets tastier with every additional input, and in the end all guests can enjoy a spicy, delicious treat. In times of Covid19 our “pot” will be our screens, but the topics will still be hot – developed by all of you in the EUSEA Bistros!

Ingredients for the EUSEA Hot Pot will come from our members who will bring in their expertise on a defined topic. The idea is to offer 2-hour get-togethers in which we will have 3-4 first ingredients (short 5-min inputs). We can then all add our spices or flavour, stirr ideas around and try the new taste. The Hot Pot will always take place over lunch times, so feel free to bring your own food along!

EUSEA Hot Pot No 1
April 29, 11.30-13.30 CET
Topic: Science Festivals Going Digital: Ideas, Examples, Challenges

Ingredients will come from:

  • Simon Gage and Amanda Tyndall
    Edinburgh Science Festival (going digital as #EdSciFest)
  • Edward Duca 
    Science in the City, Malta (currently developing some fresh ideas and crazy thoughts on going digital)
  • Joachim Lerch
    Science Days (planning a digital version for September)

All inputs will be followed by discussions among all of you. The cooking process will be facilitated by Annette Klinkert, who will welcome you all and facilitate a fruitful and nutricious get-together!

Join in via Zoom, the link to the meeting will be shared via email!

See you around the table!

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