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Shoulder to shoulder, Heart to heart

EUSEA stands with Ukraine

As tensions mounted last week, the whole EUSEA family alongside the rest of the world hoped for the best. But on Thursday 24 February, when Russian troops crossed into Ukraine, words cannot describe how saddened we all felt.

In this new world we find ourselves in, our thoughts go out to all the people of Ukraine, as well as to our EUSEA friends and their families who are caught up in this conflict.

We strongly believe that peaceful dialogue is always the road to building a better future, and at the heart of that lies respect and democracy.  As the current dark cloud settles over Europe, we also witness people from all over the world, including within Russia, making their voices heard and denouncing the barbaric actions of the Russian Government.

These last two years have been difficult enough, and we must all continue to be strong and support each other, especially those who need us the most. We truly long for a swift and peaceful resolution to the war in Ukraine so that our friends, neighbours and their families can feel safe, secure and free once more.

EUSEA stands with Ukraine.

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