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A Hot Pot is a co-creative experience in which a dish is cooked collectively by all guests joining in. Sitting together around a large table, everybody adds a selection of ingredients to a simmering boil of soup. The meal gets tastier with every additional input, and in the end, all guests can enjoy a spicy, delicious treat.

Date: May 31st, 2023

Time: 13:00-14:30 (CET)

What’s on the menu?

Join us as we hear from two speakers with diverse but complementary view points on the topic of,

‘Researcher training for public engagement and science communication: What makes effective training?’

Then we open the floor for you all to contribute your perspectives and thoughts on effective training.

Who’s in the Kitchen?

Dr Kirsty Ross

EXPLORATHON Project Manager

Dr Kirsty Ross, a senior public engagement professional (PEP) with a background in academic STEM research & a strong track record for knowledge exchange working across 3 research-intensive universities in Scotland. Kirsty supports implementational, operational & strategic goals in knowledge exchange and has significant experience in novel and traditional concepts of researcher training from a hands-on perspective.

Professor Baram-Tsabari

Faculty at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Professor Baram-Tsabari heads the “Applied Science Communication” research group at the Israel Institute of Technology. Baram-Tsabari’s research focuses on bridging science education and science communication scholarship, identifying people’s interests in science, building on people’s authentic interests in science to teach and communicate science in more meaningful and personally relevant ways, and supporting scientists in becoming effective science communicators. She has published extensively in leading journals in both science education and science communication.

What can you bring to the table?


We look forward to hearing about your experiences or any questions you may have on this topic, and adding your contribution to our hot pot of ideas.

Would you like to book your spot at the table?

Please fill in the registration form, and join us for some food for thought.

An email with the zoom link and a event reminder will be timely provided.

This Hot Pot is brought to you by the Berlin School of Public Engagement, the INTERSECTIONS Science Festival, and the European Science Engagement Association.