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We are proud and happy to welcome a new Eusea member based in Cairo, Egypt! KidsXhibition will be a great partner to work with, reading their vision, mission, values and experience:
“Our Vision: KidsXhibition seeks for a future where science is considered as a fundamental part of the Egyptian culture; rather than being only Known as a field of working for professionals and experts.
Our mission: KidsXhibition is working on spreading the love of science, art and innovation by demonstrating various scientific facts in events,shows and competitions …etc that interact with all ages. provided by professional performers from all over the world.
Our values: Quality of scientific and art knowledge. Quality of good climate for innovation and creativity. Establishing programs for gifted children. Continues improvement and researches.
Our experience: Ryhs Thomas the science physics circus March 2014. Tom Noddy Bubble show first time in Egypt March 2015. Now we are preparing the first science festival in Egypt and Africa March 2017!”

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