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Talk and DIY Workshop: How to make something good for the world?  And getting to explore the microworld with your self-made microscope.


An extremely interactive Mobile Nucleus will take place on Kamp-Lintfort campus this Saturday 13 April. Two DIY Science leaders, Pieter van Bohemeen and Jan Maarten Luursema will be hosting this workshop, starting with an interesting talk about how to make something good for the world.

In this workshop teams of 3 – 4 participants will transform ordinary webcams into optical microscopes. This will enable them to explore the world of microbes. We will bring our star of the show: Euglena gracilis. A microbe that is able to propel itself through the water and is light sensitive. Participants will use their mobile phone to interact with and view this tiny bug.

Participants will also be encouraged to bring their own sample and give it a close look.

The participants will learn how to take a webcam apart and get to know the inner parts. Next they will understand how lenses and magnification work. By assembling laser cut parts they will build their own microscope. After learning how to prepare microscope slides, they will be able to explore the world of microbes, including mobile Euglena and taking a look at their own DNA in cheek swaps.

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