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Good news and a special honor for our organisation:
5 EUSEA Members are invited to join a Delegation to the Shanghai Science Festival 2018.

Are you interested in sharing your Science Festival with colleagues and experts in China? Why not travel to Shanghai in May and become part of the EUSEA Expert Delegation to the “Shanghai Science Festival International Salon”? The organisers of the Shanghai Science Festival invite up to 5 EUSEA members from 5 different countries to present their festivals during this year’s science festival, probably from May 19 until May 24 (the exact dates will be confirmed soon).

Enrico M. Balli from the EUSEA Board will travel to represent our organisation as a whole. 4 more colleagues can join in as keynote speakers at the International Salon. The organisers will cover the international flights and all costs in Shanghai for one representative from each festival, including transportation, meals, hotel etc, will be covered by Organizing Committee of Shanghai Science Festival.

If you are interested in joining the Deletation, please send a short application to until March 9, anwering the following questions:

  • Which Science Festival would you like to present?
  • What is special about this Science Festival?
  • What is your role in this Science Festival?
  • Why are you the right one to present EUSEA in Shanghai?

The Shanghai Science Festival 2018 will include a Science Night, Science Shows and other activities.  The organizers hope to welcome more interactive science projects or science shows from other festivals in 2018, and they would love to be invitied to other sicence festivals as well.  Find out more about the Science Festival here:

See what our dear colleagues from Science Made Simple experienced in Shanghai last year:



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