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See You All Online for a Joyful Celebration of EUSEA’s 20th Birthday!


We are thrilled, happy and excited to announce this year’s European Science Engagement Conference!

On 7 December we will celebrate EUSEA’s 20th Birthday! So why not organise the next EUSEA Conference around this special date? But – since 2021 is not a normal year – why have a “normal” conference? Why not try out something new? Welcome to…

  • 6 December – Interactive Pre-Conference-Get-Together
  • 7 December – Main Conference with EUSEA Birthday Celebration
  • 8 December – EUSEA General Assembly
Let’s take our anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate our network, joined by a number of “special guests” from the global community of Public Engagement professionals. Let’s invite friends and colleagues to exchange visions of the future in a fabulous interactive online meeting. Let’s co-create ideas for a “new normal” in public engagement beyond Covid! Perhaps even a “better normal”?
No calls for proposals this time, but still lots of time to listen to brilliant inputs, exciting panels and inspiring workshops. Let’s enjoy a feeling of togetherness – and an unforgettable virtual EUSEA BIRTHDAY PARTY – online, but with shared cocktails, cakes and decorations, plus a mind-blowing and fun program!

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