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“It’s fooling around directly with phenomena, with tools and materials. It’s thinking with your hands and learning through doing. It’s slowing down and getting curious about the mechanics and mysteries of everyday stuff around you. It’s whimsical, enjoyable, fraught with dead ends, frustrating, and, ultimately, about inquiry.” (Wilkinson & Petrich, The Art of Tinkering, 2014).


It has been proven as a playful and effective way to improve the attractiveness of, attainment in, and lifelong relationship with, science and technology for adults, teenagers and students.

Target groups

  • Format can be adapted to different publics.

Everyone who is likes tinkering and can replicate the activities that are shared in the link below.


  • Think about what game or experiment you want to tinker around
  • Decide on a venue
  • Consider what materials or technical requirements you need
  • Promote your activity


Get in touch with the communities of tinkers.


Tinkering Europe
Tinkering Studio Exploratorium