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Six women take to the stage. They each have three minutes to pitch their work and convince you that they are the most inspirational researcher.

Who will be crowned XX Factor Champion? You decide!

Target Audience
  • Adult citizens
  • Children 3-6
  • Children 7-12
  • Families
  • Teenagers

You can do it with all those groups, but we did it with professionals from different fields like public engagement or the cultural and creative sector.



  • Improving engagement, interest and enjoyment in STEM subjects
  • Learning what the engineering workplace is like
  • Improving awareness and aspirations for STEM-related study and careers
  • Improving attainment and progress in STEM subjects
  • Developing engineering employability skills
  • Challenging stereotypes


For this event, you will need to reach out to female researchers, scientists, experts who are interested in communicating their work with an audience. Six is a good number of contributors, who will need time to prepare their presentations before the event.

You need to book an appropriate venue, ideally with a stage and appropriate sound system, although this could be a school hall if this event was done in partnership with a school or college.

On the day of the event, you will need to set up the stage area and seats for your audience. A moderator will open the event and introduce each of the speakers, as well as keep strict time (as this is a major component of the event).

Each speaker is then given a specific amount of time to perform their presentation and at the end the audience votes who performed the best.


This is an activty which is run by Science Made Simple, Click here for more information.