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A science show is a mixture of comedy, magic and of course lots of science. They can be designed in many ways, with different scopes, however all experiments should thrill the audience and should arouse interest for science. Often the audience is somehow involved. Besides the entertainment, the explanations of the presented experiments should not go short.


Science shows are a good option if you want to present information in a little more depth to a larger audience. They can be an engaging and exciting way to showcase scientific concepts or phenomena and can highlight how fascinating science is. Because of the high entertainment value, science shows arouse children’s curiosity and interest on scientific topics.

Target groups

  • Format is adaptable to different publics

People who are knowledgeable in science or technology and are able to present an experiment or a technical process in an understandable but entertaining way to the public.


  • Decide on what you want to show
  • Find appropriate venue
  • Create your schedule for the show
  • Promote your event


Science shows tend to work well and are of more interest if they have a background story (e.g. “Crime Show”, “Volcano Show”). Quiz games and audience voting are other examples of features which help to make a Science Show attractive.

Keep in mind that it is important to hold the Science show either in places with high footfall or in an easily accessible venue.

Their might be some costs for material, venue, technique, marketing, just to mention some.


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