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What about dancing in the classroom to teach biology to high-school students about mitosis and mitochondria? Moreover, what could leotards and leggings possibly have to do with neuroscience and physics? Combining science with the love of dance, a new pedagogy emerges, using science dance in science education, communication, and engagement.

We are showcasing an USA-based experience, called Sci-Dance Impacts. It’s mission is to rediscover, revitalize, and harness the power of movement for science communication, education, and engagement. Sci-Dance Impacts uses a facilitated in-person participatory science dance process to collectively create and discuss dance. Participants derive insights e.g. by embodying the experience of animals and human actors in complex environmental systems. 

For a growing number of artists, academics, researchers, and scientists, dance represents a promising new frontier of exploration. Sci-Dance Impacts also researches the effects of science dance. Their current research will test the effect of science dance against two alternate science communication approaches and seeks to isolate the qualities that define the science dance experience.


A preliminary evaluation of Sci-Dance Impacts approaches showed that participants:

  • are voluntarily engaged in a peer-to-peer knowledge-exchange, while maintaining the integrity of the scientific information;
  • expressed a newfound appreciation for wildlife conservation work;
  • Found meaningful connections between the research and their own interests;
  • demonstrated new knowledge;
  • expressed concern for wildlife;
  • believe that dance is a powerful tool to motivate more people to care about wildlife;
  • expressed a desire to perform the dance again for more audiences.

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  • Falling Walls Foundation GmbH
  • Science Ceilidh
  • The Science & Entertainment Exchange


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