Science Camps

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Science camps provide a classroom with an atmosphere for learning in an informal way and where teenagers are introduced to hands-on experiences. Science camps also provide social interactions between practicing scientists and teenagers. The science camps run during school holidays, in exotic places.


  • To expose and stimulate thinking
  • To nurture teenagers
  • Promote scientific literacy


  • Foster new relationships in the group
  • Scientific skills transfer (from scientists to teenagers)
  • Improved scientific literacy to the group
  • Possible science career choices


  • Run essay completion on environmental topical issues
  • Get consent form both parents and school consent
  • Getting scientists involved external help other
  • Availability of venues, science laboratory

Comments on the Platform, Suggestions, Input

Science Engagement Platform should design and develop programmes that enhance scientific literacy and awareness in collaboration with other science  institution.

Name of the Institution or person suggesting:

  • Nozi Hambaze: National Research Foundation – South African Environmental Observation Network (NRF-SAEON)
  • Teenagers (15-18)