Science and You(th)

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Science and you(th) enables school classes to step into a dialogue session with scientists and politicians about the future.

In a first workshop in schools pupils are asked to identify questions, hopes and concerns they have towards science and technological change.

The pupils are then joining together in an event where they meet scientists, who work on those topics. Scientists are listening to the questions and concerns of the young people and give their feedback. The dialogue is further expanded to young politicians, who are invited to the sessions as well.

It is especially interesting to have different school classes, e.g. one from a city and one from a rural area.


The participation of young people in the social debate on current scientific research and technological developments is promoted. Young people can contribute topics relevant to them and are taken seriously.

Target groups


  • Teenagers

Preparation (main steps)


  • Find school classes (in urban and rural regions) to participate
  • Organise preparing workshops in the schools (2-4 h), so the pupils get insights on current scientific and technological topics.
  • Collect the questions, hopes and concerns of the pupils toward those topics.
  • Select the most urgent issues of the pupils for the dialog sessions at the Science and you(th) Event
  • Search scientist, experts and politicians for the dialog sessions.
  • Organize an event where pupils, experts and politicians meet
  • The dialog sessions need experienced presenters. Choose methods that create a fun and open atmosphere!


Examples or inspirations (videos, links)


Name of the Institution or person suggesting/Offering the activity

Foundation Science et Cité, Switzerland