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A Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Basecamp training consists of a workshop for scientists. The RRI concept, its background, and its applicability will be discussed with researchers. It is an event that encourages the attendees to talk openly about new ideas and new ways of looking at the way research is conducted and how the principles of RRI (public engagement, open access, gender, ethics, science education) can help promote long term improvements in their field of research.

Target Audience
  • Adult citizens

You can do it with all those groups, but we did it with professionals from different fields like public engagement or the cultural and creative sector.



At the end of the workshop, the participants should be able to explain the concept of RRI, and its components, identify the opportunities offered by RRI; be able to identify the possible obstacles and conflicts of interest that might make it difficult to implement and know how to address them, and be able to map out the stakeholders that need to be involved and how to develop contacts amongst other stakeholder groups who can help deliver RRI.

This event should be organised by facilitators who are familiar with the principles of RRI and how it relates to science and research.


Project Timeline

Time Activity
Two months in advance
  • Setting the date and venue for the workshop.
  • Contact the facilitator of the workshop.
  • Contacting experts and researchers to confirm their attendance.
One month in advance
  • Marketing: social media strategy, personalized invitations
  • Finalise workshop details with facilitators
On the day
  • Purchasing of refreshments and venue set up.

Single Event Structure

Time Activity
10 mins
  • Greeting and presentations.
20 mins
  • Inspiration moment: open the session, why are we there, show the utility.
60 mins
  • Impulse moment: create a dynamic set of steps.
120 mins
  • Interpretation moment: think collectively about the topics and the progress.
40 mins
  • Integration moment: wrapping up.

Personnel roles

Person Activity
Core Team
  • Arrive at the venue an hour in advance to set up any needed equipment.
  • Should arrive 15 minutes in advance to set up their microphones.


The basic evaluation strategy is to conduct a survey at the end of the workshop or via e-mail. The questions should address their expectations of the event, their interests, their learnings, and their feedback for future workshops.
The marketing strategy needs to be evaluated as well through software analytics: how many followers do you have on social media, how many interactions, how many times did the hashtag appear, etc.