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In a pub are four discussion groups at different tables. For each group there is an expert, referential a professor, with each another perception and opinion on the main topic of the evening. At the beginning of the evening, the moderator will introduce each professor and their contentious question/thesis and the guests can choose their table they want to sit first at. The guest can now ask questions and discuss the point of view of the professor. During this, they can drink like at a normal evening in a pub. If the discussion will escalate or nobody knows what to say anymore, there is a neutral person to manage the situation at each table. After 20 minutes, the moderator will sound a bell to signal that the guest need to move to the next table. The rotation will conduct clockwise and the experts are not moving from their table. After four round, the moderator will do a conclusion of the evening.


The situation and atmosphere is mellow and not as formal as at a presentation – All participants and professors are at eye level with each other – The participants are more likely to discuss freely in a small group and in an atmosphere of a pub – It is more seen as a fun evening to discuss a main topic from different point of views than a science event  


  • Adult Citizens

  • Teenagers.

  • Children.


  • find a pub that is big enough and with good technology for the moderator
  • Define a main topic – find 3-4 professor with different thesis about the topic
  • agree on a moderator for the night – agree on a sound signal for the moving of the participations
  • prepare the tables and drinks for the professors
  • promote the pub talk


Blue Suare Bochum