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The Mobile ZEZ center project is a STEM project financed by European Social Fund. The general idea is to bring STEM activities to local communities, schools, etc. Namely, most of the STEM (and STEAM) activities are carried out in bigger communities that have resources for it, and there are many smaller communities for which these kinds of activities are simply not available.

There are several reasons for that: there are no people in those communities with the skills necessary to perform this kind of activities, there are no funds to cover the equipment and material for these activities, and some communities are too remote for someone from other places to go there and carry out STEM activities, etc. The Mobile ZEZ Centre is equipped with a team, resources, and vehicle to bring such activities even to remote places.

Target Audience
  • Children 7-12
  • Teenagers

You can do it with all those groups, but we did it with professionals from different fields like public engagement or the cultural and creative sector.



Elementary school pupils in remote areas will benefit the most. There are normally no activities of this type in very small local communities, which is why the mobile team is important. Teachers will also benefit; some of them will be encouraged to start their own science popularization activities.


The main steps are as follows:

  • Project concept
  • Budget and financing
  • Public call for schools interested in joining the project
  • Educate mobile team
  • Create a calendar of school visits and participating in events
  • Go on the road


The Professor Balthazar Association in Croatia has organised a number of Mobile ZEZ centers, where they aim to visit 40 elementary schools throughout the country and attended a number of science popularization events in various local communities.