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Mind the Lab (MTL) is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) awareness-raising campaign that takes place at metro stations (its name was inspired by the well-known “Mind the Gap” notice in metro stations).

When science and technology travel by metro, Mind the Lab is a breakthrough science communication approach that aims to bring science to the general public literally.

It targets all citizens and fosters the active participation and engagement of all parts of society in scientific and technological advances, which affect our everyday lives and address the challenges that modern societies face.


  • To engage
  • To explain
  • To foster dialogue and understanding


It engages the general public in a science communication experience through interactive exhibits, shows, stand up acts, and street science including experiments and emerging technology examples.

The exhibitors benefit so that they open up to society and get people to know about their work, goals, and products.

Moreover, the general public benefits so that they get in contact with professionals from diverse scientific backgrounds and learn about new emerging technologies and any recent scientific research.


By organizing a single day Mind the Lab event and developing a vivid, friendly, and inviting street science environment, metro passengers engage in a unique science communication experience.

Examples or inspirations (videos, links)

Name of the Institution or person suggesting:

  • SciCo organization (scico.gr)
  • MindTheLab
  • SAGE Public Understanding of Science
  • Adult citizens

  • Teenagers

  • Children 3-6

  • Children 7-12

  • Families