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An Installation is a setting that creates a context for discussion and facilitate the possibility to dialogue with people and to collect their visions on a specific topic or issue.


It creates a physical context well identified and characterized in relation to a specific topic, facilitating the gathering of people of different ages and interest whose attention is grasped by the installation and that are interested to interact with mediators. You can present and show questions that can trigger dialogue and discussions and facilitate the collection of expectations, opinion, visions of the participants.

Target groups

  • Format can be adapted to different publics.

Everyone who is knowledgeable and experienced in an interesting topic and can contribute to contents and design of an installation.


  • Think about the topic of your installation
  • Decide on a venue
  • Consider what materials or technical requirements you need
  • Promote your activity


Have a pinboard or where people can leave thoughts and doodle. Consider having a social scientist to conduct good questions and interviews while the installation is out there.


Nucleus project