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A Guided Tour is an activity that offers a stroll inside a premise or an outdoor experience. There is someone guiding the walk. It encourages the appreciation of a scientific premise, an historic place or a specific duty, enhancing knowledge and inviting people to learn about it.


Oftentimes, people are not aware of the scientific side or aspects that underly the place where they live or a certain activity. This is a perfect activity to spark curiosity and to deliver content in an informal and friendly way.

Target groups

  • Adults

  • Teenagers.

  • Children.

Institutions and teams that are knowledgeable in science, technology, history, anthropology, to mention some. The subject must be defined depending on the resources that are at hand: an historic building, a memorial, a path, a laboratory. It is a great opportunity for combining different aspects of knowledge, for e.g. by inviting a land planner from the city hall, with a researcher in mobility, to explore the city under their perspectives and narratives.


  • Decide on the route, and what is going to be highlighted
  • Write a script, the stories you want to tell, and the content
  • Choose an experienced facilitator
  • Consider choosing a starting and an ending point that allows to make an introduction and a wrapping up.


Consider weather constraints and using a portable microphone depending on the level of noise around you. Avoid crowded points or intersections with traffic.


Touring the research institute