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The intention of this GeoTour is to show people the history of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in Hannover and his impact on science. Leibniz invented the binary code, which is the fundament of almost every technical device today. To represent this, 13 geocaches have a binary code in the description, which has to be decrypted by players in order to find the coordinates where the containers are located. Containers are objects that contain information. They could be boxes, toys, recycled tupperware, etc… Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS enabled devices. Other players can find the coordinates of a geocache along with a description on the website Once the geocache has been found, the geocacher write their nickname and date in the logbook and hide it in the same place where they found it. Back home or via app they also write a log online, often with a little story about what they experienced while searching for the geocache. With measurable data from the online logs, you can monitor the return on your investment.


  • To engage
  • To explain
  • To foster dialogue and understanding
  • To stimulate thinking


Geocachers are represented in nearly every demographic in over 180 countries. It is a great activity to open a bigger event, and to create links between participants, history and sciences. The team in Hannover has recorded 8000 findings by young people, families, adults and the “silver surfers”, provoking hundreds of enthusiastic comments in the global community about this innovative tour.


Things you need to consider for a GeoTour:

  • Locations for the geocache, Permissions from the owner of this location
  • Is the location free of others geocaches (161m distance rule)?
  • Who develops the story around it? Who creates the descriptions? Which containers will be used? Who builds the containers? Or will they be bought?
  • Who pays for it? Is it affordable?
  • Will there be a bonus?
  • Is a Geocoin included?
  • Communications:  Press announcement, Kick-off event, Flyers
  • Contacting Ground speak the owner of the geocaching platform
  •  with 15 million geocachers
  • Maintenance
  • Costs (one-time/recurrent): The costs can vary in price a lot depending on the used geocache container. Investment: 5000€ (first year listed on, following years: 2500 €)

Examples or inspirations (videos, links)

Comments on the Platform, Suggestions, Input

Science Engagement Platform should design and develop programmes that enhance scientific literacy and awareness in collaboration with other science  institution.

Name of the Institution or person suggesting:

  • Adult citizens

  • Children 3-6

  • Policymakers

  • Children 7-12

  • Teenagers

  • Families