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It involves experts demonstrating science or how something works. For instance, where scientific experiments are too dangerous to be conducted by the audience themselves, they should be demonstrated by the scientist presenting the activity. Here, the visitor merely observes what is going on. Demonstrations are like shows, but are on a smaller scale and less complicated.


Although the visitor just observes what is going on, it is much more real and will give more lasting impressions than a film or audio-visual presentation of the experiment or process.

Target groups

  • Format can be adapted to different publics

People who are knowledgeable in science or technology and are able to present an experiment or a technical process in an understandable but entertaining way to the public. The process demonstrated should be clearly explained and set out in a logical manner.


  • Find suitable researchers
  • Decide on the topic and on what you want to demonstrate
  • Choose a venue and time
  • Promote your activity


Sometimes, the results, e.g. some soap, or cloth are distributed amongst the audience, with the clear objective that giving them something to take home, increases the possibility that they will remember the Activity.