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Children and young people like challenges. They like to participate in competitions, especially if there is an attractive prize to be won. In a classic competition, participants compete with each other in some way such as with ideas or objects they created, with the best participant winning the competition. Competitions which involve developing, or conducting an experiment, are particularly attractive since they promote creativity and motivate the youngsters to do something themselves.


Competitions can be an efficient way to catch the visitors’ interest and at the same time they can convey knowledge about science and research or current issues. It is also a way to mix business with pleasure when the competition includes methods linked to research. Further the competition is easy to organised and can be tied to many diverse fields of research.

Target groups

  • Teenagers
  • Children

Everyone you who is skilled in organising such activity.


  • Decide on a topic for your competition
  • Decide on the format for the entries and how they should submitted and judged (what criteria)
  • Decide on a suitable prize and how the winners should be awarded
  • Promote your competition


Marketing your competition is very important so that enough entries are submitted. The competition must be promoted appropriately for the target group. The competition results should be announced and prizes presented during an event.