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It is a theatre performance at which scientific themes or historic events are presented.
Such performances can either communicate scientific issues in an understandable and entertaining way or can artistically stimulate reflection on a meta-level.


Science theatre is a great way to combine culture and research and to convey scientific knowledge in an exciting way. It is a good vehicle for presenting themes which are normally limited in the use of AV, objects and experiments available to communicate them, e.g. in the field of humanities or the discussion of science issues. Further, a fascinating story can facilitate remembering scientific facts which are included into the play.

Target groups

  • Adults
  • Teenagers
  • Children

People that are knowledgeable in science and enjoy to create a play and to appear on the stage. Alternatively, you also can hire a theatre group that can deliver an existing play.


  • Decide on a theme and a format
  • Design a performance
  • Hire actors and actresses
  • Book a venue
  • Consider suitable props &/or technical devices
  • Promote your event


The quality of Science Theatres depends largely on the script and the actors. Do not forget humour, laughter, deliberately making funny mistakes, or props such as masks, clothing and scenery. Also, music, different sounds (explosions!) and smelly dust clouds can stimulate all of the audiences senses. The invitation to “volunteers” to come on stage can also improve the success of the performance.
Consider whether pre-registration and tickets are required.
There might be some costs for the actors, the venue, technique or other materials, just to mention some.


Science theatre (german)