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Research findings provide a number of good stories, which are presented in form of films at film festivals. In that way findings are presented in a creative way and are fascinating, entertaining but still educational on the same time. During the festivals several films of different categories are shown and they compete against each other. At the end there is award ceremony for the winners of the festivals.


Film is an accessible medium for most people. They can show various illustration facilities and new perspectives like the “world” from the perspective of a chemical molecule. One the one hand a well-made film can communicate a lot of information in a way that sparks people’s interest. On the other hand it can provide filmmakers and the academic audience a deeper understanding of socially relevant issues by showing those from a creative and different perspective. Especially, young people are attracted to this medium.

Target groups

  • Format adaptable to different publics

Everyone who is skilled in organising such event.


  • (Decide on a theme for the festivals)
  • Rent a cinema hall or another suitable event location
  • Decide on the price categories
  • Collect and nominate the film contributions
  • Consider a moderator
  • Organise a panel discussion
  • Promote your event
  • Consider catering
  • Recruit sponsors


Film festivals can be combined with other formats such as debates, discussions and lectures. Visitors have been found to be much more interested by a combination of the film and a discussion about the film with a scientist or expert.
There might be great costs e.g. for renting the venue.


Film festivals (german)