Ilia State University

3/5 Cholokashvili str, 162 Tbilisi

Being a leader higher education institution in science production and popularization in Georgia, Ilia State University has pioneered the first ever Science Picnic in Georgia in September 2012. Science Picnic is a one-day open-air event intended to support popularization of Science in Georgia. The event is projected to be held every year. Different scientific groups from Georgian universities and research centres, public schools as well as other national and international institutions present their achievements and inventions in science; various experiments and interactive exhibitions featuring scientific groups are illustrated at the Picnic. The venue of the event is one of the recreational areas of Tbilisi – Vake Park. The primary target group of the event is the youth. One of the main goals of the Picnic is to present the achievements made in the scientific area using uncomplicated, straightforward, and entertaining methods.