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Paseos Matemáticos is a project coordinated by Fundación Descubre which aims to bring science closer to citizens from an innovative approach connecting art, mathematics, technology and tourism.

The project includes a virtual, guided tour through the historical city centre of Granada and encourages participants to view the heritage of the city in a different way, by combining technological tools, science, art and history. In this tour, technologies are used to draw mathematical layers on images of buildings and 3D printing for the modelling of some spatial pieces, and to describe the mathematics behind the structures.

The Paseos Matemáticos tours are routes, on which the visitor can learn the history of some of the most emblematic monuments, from a mathematical perspective. It includes the Corral del Carbón, the Casa de los Tiros, the Cathedral of Granada, the Royal Chapel and the Lonja del Comercio, Cadí’s Bridge, El Bañuelo and El Instante, the sculpture of the Granada City Hall building.

Target Audience
  • Adult citizens
  • Families
  • Teenagers

You can do it with all those groups, but we did it with professionals from different fields like public engagement or the cultural and creative sector.



-Incorporate the street as a space to enjoy mathematics

-Attract citizens reluctant (or not close) to science


  • Design a route with the most emblematic monuments in a city.
  • Analyze the buildings with Geogebra, adding the elements with mathematical symbols that they may contain.
  • Write a script, the stories you want to tell the audeince, and the content you want to share.
  • Contact with groups interested in joining the tour (people interested in mathematics, history, schools, etc.)
  • Design and production of the virtual route.
  • Production of 3D pieces to be shown during the tour.
  • Upload the route to a website
  • Communication on social networks.
  • Adaptation as a product of mathematical scientific tourism