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Universities, science centre or other institutions open their doors for one day or one weekend. In this manner, it is an easy way to introduce the work which goes behind the scenes of an institution to the general public. Staff members show their workplace and explain for example their research equipment and how it is used. It is a chance for visitors to inform themselves directly about the work and it is a great opportunity to get in touch with experts. Often open house events include additional activities such as workshops or shows which made it more interactive for the visitors.


Oftentimes, people are not completely aware of the tasks belonging to a workplace. Open house days provide the opportunity for visitors to gain directly insights to the work field of for example a scientist and can get into a conversation with them. For children and teenagers, it is also a good opportunity to have a valuable insight into the daily routine of potential future job fields.

Target groups

  • Format can be adapted to different publics

Employees of for example research institutes, laboratories, museums, universities or public institutions who want to share their workplace and provide an insight in their facilities and tasks.


  • Decide on the maximum number of visitors as well as on the maximum group size that you can host.
  • Decide on the rooms, area, space you want to be open for the public and make sure the rest is inaccessible.
  • Consider activities.


Simply opening your doors may not necessarily draw visitors. Activities such as “meet the scientist” or science shows contribute to the attraction of such an event. It is important to promote your open house event, as well as ensure it is clear whether visitors have to book in advance and how.


Open House Day
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