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The concept is based on researchers visiting schools or workplaces and talk about themselves, their research and their career path.


The aim is to create dialogue and interaction. The participants learn more about what science is, how research is conducted and what the path towards a research career looks like. Pupils are given an example of a career path and awareness of the benefits of an academic education. Schools often welcome opportunities to show pupils how the school work is connected with the world outside school. The researcher can gain new insights and ideas.

Target groups

  • Children, Teenagers, Adults.

A team with experience in contacting schools and researchers.


  • Choose enthusiastic researchers comfortable with talking to the target group,
  • Introduce the researchers on your web site with a photo and a short introduction.
  • Contact schools in well in advance.
  • Prepare the researchers for the audience: it’s a very different task to hold a
    presentation for teenagers and engage with 10-year-olds in a classroom.


The focus of the visits varies from target group to target group. Visits to schools usually focus more on the scientist as a person, while at workplace visits the
conversation usually focuses more on the actual research. The scientist should be prepared for this.

A dialogue with the schools in advance is helpful to ensure that the organisers and researchers are aware of the schools’ needs and expectations.

For schools and workplaces that are located far away from research institutes and universities, this activity gives them an insight into a researcher’s everyday life.
Challenges: Finding scientists who are good at communicating with different target groups.