Upcoming Events

Pint of Science


Pint of Science brings scientists and researchers to discuss their latest research with you. Come meet, chat, have a drink with them and quench your thirst for knowledge.

Pint of Science2021-04-05T20:02:54+02:00

Science listens


The face to face dialogue between science and society is important – especially when concerning topics of big social and political impact.

Science listens2020-03-04T15:57:35+01:00

Science Cafés


It is an international concept that was developed in France and the main premise is that the visitors and the scientists are removed...

Science Cafés2020-04-03T12:23:56+02:00

Student Parliament


Schools act as creative parliamentarians engaging with societal challenges to discover the more effective links between science and politics.

Student Parliament2020-02-28T17:02:50+01:00



Debates strengthen critical thinking skills as well as communication skills.


Ritual Dissent


To test and enhance proposals, stories or ideas by subjecting them to challenges or positive alternatives. 

Ritual Dissent2020-02-28T16:28:35+01:00

World Café


The World Café is a simple, effective, and flexible format for hosting large group dialogues.

World Café2020-04-03T12:58:21+02:00

Societal Hackathons


A Hackathon is an event format which is about actual problem solving. At a scientific hackathon (or hackathon), researchers, computer developers, designers and all those who enjoy tinkering come together.

Societal Hackathons2020-11-04T11:55:15+01:00